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Become Better Connected With the Horse(s) You Ride

Diane Sept

Diane Sept

I met Peggy Cummings, (the developer of Connected Groundwork® and Connected Riding® ) in 2004 at a Connected Riding clinic outside of Madison, WI. I audited that clinic for two days and left overwhelmed, but very intrigued. A few months later, I went back and rode in a clinic with Peggy and left with a burning desire to continue on my path to connection.

I was in my early 50’s in 2004 and at a point where riding for extended periods of time meant sore muscles and stiff joints. Now, as I am quickly approaching my late 50’s, sore muscles and stiff joints are a thing of the past as long as I remember to remember.

In 2006 Peggy suggested I work with Diane Sept, so I hosted a clinic here at Meadowsweet Ranch and Diane was the clinician. What an amazing experience. Best of all was seeing my husband brought to tears of joy when he experienced what it really feels like to be one with his horse.

Meadowsweet Ranch is hosting Diane Sept, one of Peggy Cummings’ original certified Connected riding instructors the evening of September 16, 2011 – 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm, when Diane will demonstrate the benefits of Connected Groundwork® and Connected Riding® for the rider, and the horse, for both gaited and walk/trot/canter horses .

ATTENTION ALL: Dressage riders; Hunter/Jumpers; 3-day Eventers; Trail Riders; English/Western Pleasure/Equitation; Gaited Horse Riders, local instructors and trainers – - don’t miss this rare opportunity here in the midwest. Diane will show simple tools to enhance the equine sport you love. She will also show you how to enhance your horse’s gait naturally, without jammin’ and crammin’. You will find out how the rider’s body can instantaneously affect the horse. Learn some groundwork skills designed to enable the horse to carry the rider’s weight more effectively.

Are you thinking about getting into horses, or back into horses? Then you will benefit from this demo as well. Do you just love horses? Come and enjoy a master horsewoman share her knowledge and skill.

Diane will demonstrate how Connected Groundwork® and Connected Riding® can enhance the performance of you and your horse and add elegance to your ride.

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime for you and your equine friend, and take advantage of the incredible opportunity to learn how to connect in a very special way with your horse. It will change how you ride, it will change how you feel, and most importantly, it will change how you are communicating with your horse.

Do you ever have pain during or after your riding? Learn how Connected Riding can allow you to enjoy painfree riding.

Friday evenings demo will be followed by a two day clinic which will include lecture, Connected Groundwork® and Connected Riding®. There will be small group riding sessions so that each participant gets personalized attention. This clinic is limited to nine participants.

Diane has worked with Peggy Cummings for over 20 years and has traveled the United States and abroad giving demonstrations, clinics, seminars and participating in expos to pass on the knowledge she has gained about biomechanical and mental techniques that allow the rider to move in harmony with the horse. Connected Riding® is based on reciprocal connection rather than force. It enhances performance through better communication, as the rider learns to ride from the inside (by feeling), to the outside (by action).

Come spend the evening or the weekend with us. You will certainly enjoy yourself and the benefits will amaze you.

For further information and registration form go to: – Events, or call 815-675-1177, Meadowsweet Ranch is conveniently located at 8118 Wilmot Road (which is actually at the end of Sundial Lane), Spring Grove, IL 60081. Meadowsweet Ranch also offers lessons, boarding and training.

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