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Spending Patterns & Buying Smart

Wednesday, May 4 • 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Fee: $25 – Deluxe Breakfast Buffet & Speaker
Pinecrest Restaurant, Huntley, IL
Tickets for sale at the Library Reference Desk.

Dr. Drolet is a longtime friend of the Friends Foundation. She will discuss the worldwide phenomenon of population aging and how it will affect spending patterns. Learn how aging effects your decision making process. Dr. Drolet states, “While there are clear ‘downsides’ to aging, such as deficits in memory, there are also clear ‘upsides’. For example, as we age, we are better able to deal with negative emotion. We become wiser.”

Dr. Drolet will review the results of several surveys, all of which were conducted by the Huntley Area Public Library Friends Foundation, that show some of the positive effects of healthy aging on how people make consumer decisions.

Price includes one raffle ticket good for a chance to win prizes including an eReader! Raffle tickets will also be sold at the event: 6 for $5 or $1 each. Register in person at the library’s Reference Desk by April 27, 2011. Sponsored by: J.L. Jones Insurance & Retirement Agency; Law firm of Ariano, Hardy, Ritt, Nyuli, Johnson, Lytle & Goettel; Hamilton Farms

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