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Huntley trustee faces misdemeanor charges

Ongoing personal issues between two former friends have led to misdemeanor charges against a far northwest suburban trustee serving his first term in office.

Huntley Trustee Nick Hanson

Huntley Trustee Nick Hanson was charged April 3 with criminal trespass and harassment through electronic communication after visiting a pub he had been told to stay away from.

The charges stem from two previous trespass warnings issued by authorities banning Hanson from entering the Parkside Pub in Huntley, or communicating with co-owner Jeff Lovell, according to Huntley Police Chief John Perkins.

Hanson plans to fight the charges in court.

“It’s unfortunate that a personal issue has driven someone to the point of trying to damage my reputation and political career,” Hanson said. “I have been a great customer, and as trustee, have done nothing but support their business, even after the personal problems. I’ve always been an advocate for businesses like Parkside.”

Lovell  said the complaint he filed was not meant as a personal attack on Hanson for past issues.

“This started with personal problems, but became legal when he was told not to come in the bar,” Lovell said. “This is something where I feel he has broken the law. The best practices of a business owner are to not let people like that in my bar.”

None of the alleged incidents were physical in nature, Perkins said.

According to authorities, Hanson frequented the local pub prior to a personal misunderstanding between the two in December. Lovell allegedly went to the Hanson residence on Dec. 10 to address relationship issues when authorities were called to handle the non-violent situation, Perkins said.

Both men at that time were issued trespass warnings and told to stay away from each other. That included Hanson being banned from the bar, Perkins said. A second trespass warning was issued in February after Hanson allegedly sent harassing text messages to Lovell, Perkins said.

After Hanson allegedly showed up at the bar at around 9 p.m. April 3 with a group of friends, he was told to leave and Lovell later filed a written complaint. Police arrested Hanson at his home on the 10800 block of Church Street at around midnight, according to authorities.

“We handled this situation as if it were anybody else,” Perkins said. “If Lovell would have violated the trespass warning and a complaint was issued, he would have been charged, too. It makes no difference that (Hanson) was a trustee.”

The two have known each other for several years, and most recently spent time together on the Fourth of July, Hanson said.  They began having problems in December, when Hanson was in the midst of marital issues and Lovell was having relationship troubles, he said.

Representatives from the Village of Huntley were not available for comment.

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