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Signs opposing county’s deer-culling program disappear

Will County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer said today that a bunch of signs urging Homer Glen residents to vote against the Will County Forest Preserve District’s controversial deer-culling program have disappeared from locations around the village.

Opposition to the district’s deer-population-reduction program, which uses sharpshooters to kill a portion of the herds, reportedly moved the resident of the 14000 block of West Bruce Road to pay approximately $2,000 for 100 two-foot-high, deer-shaped signs urging residents to vote no.

He told Sheriff’s Police 45 signs had vanished from lawns, trees and roadside mailboxes by March 15.

The mass sign theft included one positioned in front of the home of Kathleen Konicki, who serves on the Forest Preserve District board as a parallel role to her elected position representing Homer Glen on the county board. Konicki, a Republican, reported its disappearance March 13.

Konicki opposes the program, which started in 2011, and has stirred an outcry against it. The fall-winter program was suspended during the 2011-12 winter because of the lack of significant snowfall, which makes i

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