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The Wanted Disappoints

Lights and sound ready to go at Conant High, but no band in sight.

Lights and sound ready to go at Conant High, but no band in sight.

First day in Illinois and boy band The Wanted has already disappointed 2,500 of its fans by not showing up at Conant High School in Hoffman Estates.

The Wanted initiated a call to the high school nearly a month ago inviting themselves to play for the school, hoping to build their fan base. After all, their fame began its climb to the top when they came to America.

For weeks Conant prepared for the event. They purchased sound equipment and lights. The custodial team worked long hours to freshen up the gym where band was set to play to throngs of students. And then the call came — about two hours before their scheduled appearance.

“We got kicked in the face,” said Principal Tim Cannon. “We just couldn’t believe it.”

According to a band spokesperson, two of the band members were sick — but not sick enough to still perform at the Allstate Arena this evening. In the meantime the students at Conant High School are left with an empty gym with lights and audio set and ready to go…but no band.

“We understand if someone is sick, but they made a commitment. They could have had some of the other members come in to speak, take pictures, or just to say hello,” said Cannon.

“They are letting down the very group they’re trying to win over,” added Cannon. “Our students fully supported the band and their music and they worked really hard to make today’s experience memorable. As adults we try to teach kids to do the right thing. They didn’t do the right thing.”

So while The Wanted may be playing to win new fans, they’ve just might have lost the loyalty of 2,500 fans from Conant High School.

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