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Stanlee Duck Goes To Hollywood

Robert Kaspar & Stanlee Duck

Robert Kaspar & Stanlee Duck

The Western Suburb's very own Stanlee Duck (a previous featured item on the hit show the Pawn Stars), high tailed it to Hollywood last week in hopes to increase his 15 minutes by pitching “The Adventures of Stanlee Duck,” at the National Association of Television Program Executives (natpe) Pitchcon held at the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

The new TV concept revolves around this once seen on TV antique ducky chime pull toy. The adventure begins in a factious resale shop with a cast of colorful characters. Due to a freak accident in the back stockroom of the shop Stanlee Duck and loveable but goofy store manager animate and discover a time traveling porthole which allows the two to travel back in time to discover the history behind items in the shop.

“I like to call this concept ‘funducational,’ and it is written to entertain all ages,
says, Robert Kaspar, creator of “The Adventures of Stanlee Duck.”

Kaspar also pitched a TV reality series which he co-created with Robert Starr that is a storage auction concept with a completely never before seen inspirational twist.

Both TV concepts were well received at Pitchcom and are now under review by several Hollywood executives.

While in Hollywood, Stanlee Duck had a chance for some sightseeing and released a new video log of his travels in Hollywierd. Stanlee Duck hung out at Venice Beach with Hollywood’s celebrity Shih Tzu, Pouchette who has been on TV shows and in commercials.

You can find out what Stanlee Duck is up to on facebook, youtube and twitter.

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