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What's Broken Can Be New Again At Char Crews

China and Crystal Repair Now Being Offered At Char Crews in Hinsdale and Wilmette

China and Crystal Repair Now Being Offered At Char Crews in Hinsdale and Wilmette

China and Crystal objects, from figurines and dishes to vases and goblets, are highly prized for their enduring, multifaceted beauty and practical strength, but when a china or crystal item is broken, cracked or chipped, disappointed owners might count the item as ruined, a loss. It is, however, possible to repair damaged crystal and china to it’s original beauty.

To kick off the week long Char Crews Semi-Annual Clearance Sale, April 30th thur May 6th, Char Crews, Inc. in Hinsdale and Wilmette is now offering China and Crystal Repair by Mary Lou in their stores as an opportunity for those who cherish that special piece of china or crystal that has become broken or damaged.

Mary Lou can repair and restored broken or cracked heirlooms to their original beauty, bringing back their monetary value as well. Simply drop off your damaged piece to either Char Crews location and they will call you with a free estimate.

Just a few common items that she is able to restore are dishes, goblets, vases, bowls and pitchers, including the reshaping of spouts. Bases and stems can be reattached. Broken goblets can also be turned into one-of-a-kind bells by removing the bases and adding a crystal bead for sound. Her re-styling process gives these broken goblets renewed value and beauty.

“Crystal Repair is a tedious and time consuming art that has taken me years to perfect” said Mary Lou. “I consider it an art to remove chips so well that it is virtually impossible to detect any repairs. Glass cannot be added to or re-fired. My process removes the chips by grinding and buffing. It must also be re-beveled and highly polished to perfection before it is returned to you as restored.”

“The discarding of broken or cracked crystal and glassware can now become a thing of the past. Through a complete mending procedure, I am also able to repair these breaks and cracks so that they can still be useful. I also guarantee them never to come apart” said Mary Lou.

Mary Lou will repair all types of china, ceramic, pottery and porcelain including figurines, plates, tea cups, vases etc. Mary Lou’s Past Credits include work done that is currently in the National Museum of Archives, Washington, D.C. from President Carter's Administration. Governors Mansion, Channel 2 News, "Someone You Should Know" and various radio talk show.

If you have a damaged pieces of crystal of china that you would like repaired, Simply drop it off at either Char Crews location during their Clearance Sale and they will call you with a free estimate.

For more information visit Char Crews, Inc. in Hinsdale at 8 Grant Square and in Wilmette at Plaza Del Lago on Sheridan Road. Call 603-920-0190 or visit

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