Oak 5th Graders Premiere Snow White Rewite

District 181 Oak School fifth-graders recently held a red carpet premiere of the screenplay "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep… A Snow White Rewrite", written by Oak fifth-grader Charlotte Novy.

The process began in March with students in Sue Eggers’ Enriched Language Arts class writing their own screenplays using proverbs as the focal point. Mrs. Eggers then chose the winning script and the students began production on May 9. Students filmed the movie using a large green screen and camera. They performed in costume, worked the sound system, played the music they created for the scenes, and followed the student director who called the shots. The editing crew put the pieces together to create the iMovie and the graphic arts team advertised the premiere with posters. It was a production in every sense of the film industry word.

“It was simply amazing to see the use of technology and student engagement in such a production,” said Mrs. Eggers.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, the red carpet premiere took place with each student walking down the red carpet as the audience applauded. The ‘movie with a magical twist’ is open to the public at:

Director/Writer/Editor: Charlotte Novy
Camera Crew: Matt Ostrowski
Sound Engineer: Jack Cain
Art Director: Zach Drescher
Editor and Stage Crew/Props: Jack Gentleman
Music and Graphics team: Matthew Rush and William Sessa
PR Team: Grace Owens and Peter Hughes

The Wicked Queen: Samantha Moriarty
Prince Charming: A.J. Nasharr
The Mirror: Heidi Stoffer
Dopey: Luca Ripani
Snow White: Elizabeth Floersch

Assisting the students in this project: Mrs. Eggers, Mary Morgan-Ryan (MRC Director) and parent helper Heather Stoffer.

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