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Joseph J. Gentile, car dealer who gave to Loyola, dies

Joseph J. Gentile, a successful auto salesman for 50 years, was a major supporter of Loyola University Chicago, where the athletic center bears his name.

“He would help anybody at any class in life,” said his wife, Carol. “If someone wanted to get their kid into St. Ignatius (College Prep) or Loyola, he’d see what he could do. If someone was raising money for something, he was there.”

For years, Mr. Gentile sponsored TV and radio broadcasts of Loyola’s basketball games. His $3.5 million donation covered almost half the cost of the school’s basketball arena, which opened in 1996 as the Joseph J. Gentile Center.

Mr. Gentile, 87, died of natural causes on Monday, Oct. 10, in palliative care in Hinsdale, his wife said. He was a longtime resident of the western suburbs.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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