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Spring Grove portrait photographer says senior students want more creativity

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Things change. Teenagers don’t listen to the same music their parents did, nor would anyone expect them to. Students considering their senior portraits, generally those who just completed their junior year of high school are also looking for something different.

Audrey Wancket, of Spring Grove based Wancket Studios, said she’s created senior portraits for 15 years now. She’s seen the changes.

“More and more seniors are wanting more creative and higher quality portraits,” Wancket said. “They want to incorporate their interests in the portrait; they want something that speaks to their identity.”

Just the right portrait also requires more planning than their parents used to put into the process. Many students who will start their senior year in the fall will start thinking about that senior portrait now. And, they’ll be looking for a portrait photographer who can capture the essence of their personality with style; they’ll be looking for someone like Wancket.

Fortunately, they don’t have to settle for someone ‘like’ Wancket. They can actually commission Wancket, one of the leading portrait photographers in the country and a member of The Board of Directors for the Professional Photographers of America. Wancket Studios is nearby and well equipped to make the most of a senior portrait. She knows how to get the most out of the experience.

“I create images that show, not only where they’ve been, but where they’re going,” she said. “We tell them to bring along things that are important to them. Sometimes, they’ll bring a pet, a car, a horse or a boyfriend. It’s an individual and unique experience.”

Just the right outfit is crucial, particularly for young ladies. Some young men prefer something more rough and natural – such as a school jersey or a scene in the woods. The results are as individual as the students Wancket photographs.

Creating a lasting senior portrait is a responsibility Wancket takes seriously. Even more than that, she sees taking senior portraits as an experience with potentially lasting consequences.

“If a young woman has a bad experience with a photographer, it will affect how she sees herself in portraits for the rest of her life,” Wancket said. “I spend a lot of time in preparation before a senior even arrives in the studio. I want everything as prepared as possible so that my clients can just relax and enjoy themselves.”

Wancket said this not only makes the photo session more pleasant, but it shows in the portrait when the senior is at ease.

Whether someone wants to schedule a senior portrait now, or just start thinking about the options, Wancket is available to make suggestions. For more information, call 847-587-3350 or visit:

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