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CLC Quest Programs to cover America in the past and present

“America Between the World Wars: 1920s and 1930s” and “The State of the Union” are the topics for the College of Lake County’s 15th Annual Quest Program. Designed for adults 50 and older, Quest Programs feature knowledgeable experts and in-depth learning for active minds.

A fun look at America in the 1920s and 30s will be offered Monday through Thursday, June 13-16. Current issues facing the U.S. will be covered Monday through Thursday, July 11-14. Both programs will be conducted from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the CLC Southlake Campus, 1120 S. Milwaukee Ave., Vernon Hills, and include breakfast, lunch, discussions and educational presentations.

The June 13-16 Quest program on America in the 1920s and 30s includes the following presentations: “From Riches to Rags: A Historical Overview of the 1920s and 1930s” by Gary Midkiff; “Launching the Golden Age of Radio” by Burt Burdeen; “Literature: A Revolution in Style” by Mary Ann Bretzlauf; “Chaplin and Keaton: Mirrors of Reality” by John Kupetz; “Modern American Art of the Interwar Years: A Study in Contrasts” by Cindy Lewis; “The Jazz Age and Beyond” by Laurel Kaiser; “Cartoons” by Phyllis Soybel; and “Gangland Chicago at the Movies” by John Kupetz. The cost is $199, which also includes the “Chicago Underworld Tour” and dinner.

The Quest July 11-14 program, “The State of the Nation” includes the following presentations: “The Future of the American Jury” by Circuit Judge Ray McKoski (retired); “The Economy: Show Me the Data” by Bob Kerr; “The Future of Journalism” by David Rutter; “The Outstanding Federal Debt: a.k.a. ‘National Debt’” by Bob Kerr; “Healthcare at State and Federal Levels: Now and Into the Future” by Terri Worman; “Passing or Failing: Infrastructure Report Card for Illinois” by Darren Olson and Christopher King; “The State of Education” by Ward Weldon; and “The Arab Awakening and American Foreign Policy” by George Lungu. The July Quest Program cost is $185. Students may enroll in both weeks for a discounted price of $349.

Expert presenters for both programs include experienced professionals as well as faculty members from colleges such as CLC, John Marshall Law School, University of Illinois at Chicago, Oakton Community College, Columbia College and Lake Forest College.

CLC is also offering short-term summer classes as part of the Discovery! program for adults aged 50 and older this summer. Discovery class topics include two levels of beginning computer classes, two levels of Beginning Word 2007, a book study of “The Piano Shop on the Left Bank,” “Berlin 50 Years after the Rise of the Wall: Metropolis and Myth,” “Mies and Those Who Followed,” “Facebook 1 and 2” and “Internet and Email.”

Discovery tours include a trip to see “Peter Pan” on June 8 in Chicago, a visit to the Farnsworth House on July 20 and a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum on June 23 to see “The Emperor’s Private Paradise: Treasures from the Forbidden City.” Most tours depart from Grayslake and Vernon Hills via charter coach.

For more information or to request a Quest or Discovery brochure, call the Discovery/Quest Hotline at (847) 543-6507. Online registration and information is available at

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