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Health Care For All

Comprehensive, universal health care for all Illinoisans doesn’t need to mean higher taxes and more spending.
With a looming $2 billion deficit in the state budget, how in the world can Illinois afford a single payer universal health care system? The answer-confirmed by the state’s own independent financial firm- is that the system pays for itself. By removing $18 billion in wasteful private insurance paperwork, Illinois’ single payer system would provide comprehensive, universal coverage without raising Illinoisans health spending. In fact, for the majority of Illinois families and businesses, the single-payer program would be a tax cut. Illinois can recover $18 billion and use it to provide universal care, but only if we’re willing to cut out the parasitic private insurance industry.
Illinois has among the highest per capita health spending in the developed world, yet 1.7 million Illinoisans are uninsured and millions more lack access to health care. Replacing Illinois’ current patchwork of private insurer-based finance with a single-payer public statewide insurance system could potentially produce enough administrative savings to cover all Illinoisans without requiring any increase in net health spending.
The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, passed last year, does some good things, but it leaves the US health care system far behind the rest of the industrialized world. It will not, even after full implementation in 2019, provide everyone with health insurance. It will not protect those who do have health insurance from financial disaster in the event of serious illness, nor will it control costs.
On Thursday, April 21, Diljeet Singh, MD, will give a health care presentation in Grayslake, comparing the recent health legislation with a single-payer health care system. Dr. Singh represents the 17,000 member Physicians for a National Health Program. Dr. Singh is co-President of the Illinois chapter of PNHP. She received her medical education at Northwestern, Harvard and Johns Hopkins University.
This program is open to all and free to the public:
Date: Thurs. April 21
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Location: Byron Colby Barn, Prairie Crossing

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