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Is your family ready for beyond high school?

Beyond high school

Beyond high school

MONEY MATTERS: The 4-1-1 on financial planning for life "beyond high school" Not every high school student is taught how to manage money and save for “beyond” high school. Getting our children ready to face adulthood is critical but often not a primary focus for families. Yet making sure our youth have a solid financial footing – starting with a savings and checking account in high school – is more paramount now than ever before.

Beyond high school may include university, college, vocational or trade school, military, employment or any combination of these. Glenview Credit Union is a community based credit union where parents can open accounts for their children at any age plus find resources for teaching your children how to be financially savvy.

The panelists include:
1) Ed Gjertsen II, CFP, Vice President, Mack Investment Securities, Inc. (Financial Planning, Asset Management) is a certified financial planner who has worked in this area and is licensed in Life insurance. He will give the overall picture of what parents should expect and what types of products may be available from the 529 program to various insurance options.

2). Sarah Wahab Ghazi, Outreach Professional, ISAC, will “paint the picture” for parents and teens wanting to find out what resources are available to them. Ghazi has been recently responsible for the administration of the Lumina Foundation for Education’s KnowHow2GO campaign in Illinois. The primary goal of ISAC's outreach efforts is to help families navigate the steps of the college admission and financial aid processes.

3)Heidi Berardi, Vice President, Family Credit Management, is an NFCC Certified Credit Counselor and sat on the Advisory Council for the nationally recognized financial literacy program Get Checking. She will address the issue of parents avoiding going into debt to pay for their children’s college tuition. She will promote the budget book concepts that GCU distributes and help illustrate how people can be realistic in their “beyond high school” planning goals.

4) Don Hohs, Glenview Credit Union Board Member, and successful parent of 5 college grads will share his real-life experience of teaching his children how to prepare for life beyond high school using the financial tools at GCU.

Join us at the Glenview Public Library on Thursday, May 3rd from 7 until 8:30 pm. Reservations requested, teens are welcome to attend! Contact Kathi Quinn, Glenview Credit Union at 847-724-6415 or by email with your name, number of attendees and a phone number to

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