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Laddie Hutar To Offer Free Employee Improvement Presentation At Glenview Library

Many younger employees and those seeking employment do not understand their jobs and how their jobs relate to a company’s success. This lack of understanding actually denies young employees the incentive and self-enrichment needed to achieve the level of performance of which they are capable—and it denies the company the benefits of superior performance. Attending the Hutar Growth Management Institute Presentation for Young People will help overcome negative attitudes of boredom, lack of motivation, resentment, and lack of satisfaction and pride in their contributions that young employees may harbor.

Laddie Hutar has specialized in small company GROWTH DYNAMICS since starting his company in 1967. The many millions of small companies are the net creators of jobs and where millions of opportunities for career advancement exist. His techniques have resulted in improved employee productivity of between 10% and 50% and consistent continued improved growth in sales and productivity for his clients. He combines wide knowledge of small companies, extensive research and creative thinking to find the right tools for each client to grow and prosper. Mr. Hutar has developed countless solutions during 77,000 field consulting hours that have helped his clients increase their value by over $500 million. He is a Certified Management and Growth Consultant for over 44 years and holds a degree in Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Mr. Hutar created this unusual presentation as well as a unique dictionary which is a pocket-size guide to the most misunderstood job and business terms. The format, content and philosophy of the presentation and dictionary is the result of counseling hundreds of young employees on a one-on-one basis in actual work situations and in workshop encounters as part of his helping small companies improve their sales and productivity.

His concern for the welfare of young people, both employees and those looking for jobs, in these difficult economic times has prompted Mr. Hutar to offer this presentation at no cost from 7pm to 8pm at the Glenview Library, Thursday August 18. Seating is limited.

His sensitivity to young peoples’ motivations is unique as is his no-nonsense, shirt-sleeve approach. He tells it like it is. He is direct, blunt, and factual. For instance, each learns what the creation of his job costs an employer in dollars and cents. And if he or she doesn’t produce, there can be no personal or financial rewards. Productivity is the key to job success.

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