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Janet Spiech, Author, To Present Her 'A Little Book to Ease Meal-Time Madness' & Shopping "Morning Out" June 10th Glenview Park Center

Janet Spiech, author, "A Little Book to Ease Meal-Time Madness" will be at the Glenview Park Center on Friday, June 10th from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM to present her book's program and ideas and "then some" for families and anyone interested in making their dinners and 'family times' more peaceful and enjoyable. The presentation includes time for 'Questions and Answers' and is part of a 'Morning Out' planned for interested shoppers to also peruse the wares of a group of 'traveling merchants' Spiech is working with to bring her book to audiences all over the suburbs of and Chicagoland. The event includes shopping for adults and scrap booking programs for children and others to buy and make gifts for Father's Day or other projects. The event runs from 9:45 am until Noon.

Mrs. Spiech will be featuring her "A Little Book", guidebooks, and program products (which include washable pastel paisley aprons for dolls [American Girl sizes], girls adolescent to teen ages, and ladies of all sizes) to have time for according to Spiech, "To encourage families to take time again — for Moms and/or Dads and children to converse, create and bake and cook together as often as possible in today's busy world." Spiech's program products also include tiny colorful tear-off pads of freezer sticker labels to help organize meal-planning cooking for future meals, to save time, money and allow for families to enjoy their evening meal again…to prevent the daily rush and panic of what so many today hear as the 'bewitching' hour, "What are we going to do about dinner?" Spiech's book, program items and products will be for sale at the June 10th 'Morning Out' and other 'traveling merchants' for the event include the North Shore's new scrap booking store, Defining Moments by Jocelyn Tobias from Wilmette; Heidi Giammarese's Marie Parie Boutique from Evanston; and Premier Designs Jewelry of Wilmette.

Children of all ages are also welcome to the Spiech presentation and 'Morning Out' on June 10th, scrap booking and paper crafts kits will be available for purchase for children to make homemade cards or gifts for Father's Day or other projects they might enjoy courtesy of Defining Moments by Jocelyn Tobias. (Families may phone Defining Moments ahead of the June 10th event to purchase their card or project kits ahead of time by phoning or emailing them at 847/728-0148 or Marie Parie Boutique features unique and moderately priced 'Parisian Flair' apparel for ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes, and the 'tiny gem of a shop' travelling from Evanston also will be selling purses, jewelry and neat items handmade by Chicagoland artists owner Giammarese has met in her decade plus years as a shop owner in Evanston, Illinois. Affordable and elegant 'baubles and all' accessories will also be featured from the Premier Designs Jewelry line and orders for these items may be placed with representative Mary Felish of Wilmette, another of the event's 'traveling merchants' participating June 10th until Noon.

A percentage of the sales from Janet Spiech presentation's products and other 'traveling merchants' items sold at the June 10th event will be donated to a worthy family in need. "We hope to have as many guests and their children at this 'Morning Out' as possible to allow us to possibly help a family that suffered the loss of a parent to cancer," said Spiech. "We started our 'traveling merchants shopping bazaars' at Defining Moments in Wilmette with Jocelyn Tobias. Each time we are together we try to 'give back' to the community to a local nonprofit, this June 10th, we hope to be successful again, and help a family in need," Spiech explained.

Admission to the Friday, June 10th Janet Spiech book and program presentation is FREE and although reservations are not required, the event organizers would like those interested in attending to call and let them know they plan on being there and how many guests and children they might be bringing. "So we know how many chairs and tables we will need to set up at the Park Center," commented Spiech. She continued, "We're hoping to fill the room to help lots of families hear about how the book and program can make their daily lives easier in an assortment of ways…and why not make a card or gift for Dad while they are out and about shopping too?" Spiech replied.

Registrations for or questions about the Friday, June 10th 'Spiech Morning Out' at the Park Center may be made or answered by phoning one of the event's organizers, Mary Felish at 847/251-1448 or via e-mail at

Janet Spiech is a graduate of UCLA (the University of California, Los Angeles). She and her husband and four children reside in the western suburbs of Chicago. Following a successful career in corporate communications and then as an independent writer and stay-at-home Mom, Spiech and her husband were asked by a friend about the daily routines of home management and the daily chaos of the dinner-hour. Spiech's research to find the 'answers' was conducted with family and friends across the nation, her "A Little Book" was a result of her research and efforts. "A Little Book" and its programs are designed for families to pick and choose ideas and solutions from Spiech's books, organizers, and program to choose what works for their lifestyle and suit their needs.

Further information may also be found about these 'traveling merchants' and Spiech's programs via their websites:

*Janet Spiech-

*Defining Moments Scrap Book & Paper

*Heidi Giammarese's Marie Parie

*Mary Felish's Premier Designs Jewelry

Contact: Mary Felish, 847/251-1448,

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