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Interactive map: Precinct vote totals show narrow margin of support for Dist. 31 tax referendum

The West Northfield School District 31 tax increase referendum passed Tuesday with support in seven out of 10 precincts, according to results released Wednesday.

Interactive map of vote totals

The official results, available on the Cook County Clerk’s website, breaks down vote totals by precinct.

In some District 31 precincts, the number of “yes” votes bested the “no” votes by margins of more than 2-1.

For instance,  in Precinct 11, located south of Techny Road between Pfingsten Road and the Tri-State Tollway, “yes” votes topped “no” votes 164-62.

In other areas, the totals were closer. Just one vote separated “yes” and “no” in two precincts.

Opposition was only overwhelming in one precinct. Residents in the area that includes Mission Hills, a subdivision with a predominantly senior population, cast 240 votes against the referendum and 142 in favor.

That margin, though, was narrower than last year. The same precinct voted against a similar tax increase in 2011 by a margin of 12-1.

The measure was approved district-wide by 303 votes.

How precincts voted in neighborhoods with children

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