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Cameron Esposito's Critically Acclaimed Show Comes to The Laughing Chameleon, in the Glen for ONE NIGHT ONLY!!

A favorite at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival, Cameron has appeared on NBC, NPR, WGN.

A favorite at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival, Cameron has appeared on NBC, NPR, WGN.

Cameron Esposito repeatedly sold-out The TBS Just for Laughs Festival, and has appeared on NBC, WGN and NPR yet she professes to feeling shy when off-stage. Her diminutive frame and large, brown doe-eyes might have you believing that claim, but when she takes the stage there is no doubt that she is in command of the room and without a moment’s hesitation as she begins spinning her tale, her audience captivated as they are imagining a whole colorful world along with her, departing instantaneously from the imagine of that one small woman behind a microphone.

This seeming contradiction is really no surprise from a woman who has so successfully expanded the boundaries of anticipated comedy format, in her award-winning story-telling show, “Side Mullet Nation”. The suggestion of a night of ‘standup’ comedy often conjures up images of a man behind a microphone delivering one-liners; Set-up, PUNCH, Set-up, PUNCH, “Did you ever notice?”, “How cold is it? Why it’s soooo cold”, soon we have a sense we’ve heard it all before. Conversely, Cameron offers a continuity, which draws the audience in and allows them to see the world with the eyes of her own keen and witty sensibility. “I prefer to spend my stage time speaking about my own experience,” she explains. “There aren’t really any new topics under the sun, just new angles”.

“Side Mullet Nation” is coming to The Laughing Chameleon, in The Glen for one night only, Wednesday April 4th at 8PM and there is no telling what Cameron has in store for her audience since she never delivers the same show twice. Though the show was originally conceived to be one long monologue and was initially performed exactly the same way each time, Esposito later realized she could keep a certain freshness if she reconceived the material with each performance, offering her audience a greater immediacy by allowing her current experiences and observations to influence each show.

And if anyone has a wealth of experience from which to draw colorful stories, it’s Cameron Esposito. As ringmaster for the traveling El Circo Cheapo Cabaret, commentator for the Windy City Rollers roller derby, and creator and teacher of a female-only stand up course called “The Feminine Comique”, her life is a varitalble cornucopia of material. Yet, it is her ability to take this unique background and find in it a shared universal experience, which draws her audience in and won’t let them go. “We’re all basically living different versions of the same life – food, love, things we abstractly blame on our upbringing – but specificity is my entry point to commonality.”

Only a seasoned raconteur could trust herself to celebrate spontaneity at the sacrifice of rehearsed certainty, and Cameron does so with finesse. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that she has bonded with Matteo Lane, who will be joining her at The Laughing Chameleon on April 4th. Matteo is a storyteller in so many ways, as he balances his time between telling stories as a standup comic and as a storyboard illustrator, illustrating the initial ideas for national commercials and fashion advertisements. “I like to stay as honest as possible with my stage time”, Matteo says, “hoping to share my world with the audience for the short time I’m on stage.”

Critically acclaimed as a Time Out Chicago and Time Out New York Critic’s Pick, Reader Recommended, and ‘Best of the Fest’, by the Onion AV Club, it’s clear to see that Cameron Esposito is going places. We’re just lucky she’s stopping by The Laughing Chameleon for ONE NIGHT ONLY, Wednesday April 4th at 8PM to share her show “Side Mullet Nation”. Tickets are $10 in advance $12 at the door. Visit NOW to reserve your table!

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