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Rosalie Rayna and Henry Silva of Harrison High School, class of 1966, celebrate prom at the Sheraton Chicago. (Photo submitted by Henry Silva)

Share your vintage or present-day prom pics

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Cosplay thrives at the College of DuPage

Colin McGuinn reads to Snickers (and his trainer, Rosemary Collins) at Westfield Elementary School on Friday. (Michelle Manchir/Tribune)

Dogs give new meaning to teacher’s pet

We are buddies
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Thanksgiving Feast Pictures

A fourth grader leaps onto a crash pad as he catches a football during a drill at Longfellow Elementary School. (Michelle Manchir/Tribune)

Varsity football players lead fourth-grade gym class


Superfans show spirit across suburban high schools

John Filip
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Ed Posh Scholars 2011


Children of Pilgrim Preschool

Laura Egan, Clapham School student, creates a detailed drawing of the Mayflower to be exhibited at the school's Fine Arts Day, May 20.
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Clapham School Celebrates Fine Arts Day, May 20