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Service: A Way of Life at St. Petronille School

Leadership Taught through Service at St. Petronille School

Leadership Taught through Service at St. Petronille School

Like other elementary schools in the area, St. Petronille School is preparing to close its doors for the summer. Final tests and quizzes have been taken. Service projects are wrapping up. Books are being turned in and lockers emptied. Students have grown “in wisdom and in grace” this year. They have also advanced in their formation as leaders. How? Through numerous service projects that have been of benefit to both the local and global communities. For example, last winter a student-driven project earned more than $2500.00 for an organization called, “Living Water, International.” While the original aim of the project was to make a charitable donation to this organization, the significant amount of money raised turned out to be enough to actually build a fresh water well in Haiti! More recently, another all-school service project called “Field Days 4 Cancer” raised approximately $2500.00 for Central DuPage Hospital’s Cancer Center. Closer to home, the “Student Voices” volunteer service group went to the home of Pastor, Fr. Jim Dougherty, in order to weed his garden and plant flowers.
While academics and faith formation are essential elements of the St. Petronille course of studies, so is leadership formation which comes about from serving others. While students may not miss the tests and homework over the coming summer months, they may miss another aspect of student life at St. Petronille School: the joy that comes from serving others.

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