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Washington Post ranks all 4 Glenbard schools among top in the nation

For the second consecutive year, the Washington Post named all four Glenbard high schools to its list of the top public high schools in its national High School Challenge. Glenbard West is ranked No. 5 in the state, Glenbard South is ranked No. 27, Glenbard North is ranked No. 49, and Glenbard East is ranked No. 52.

Glenbard high schools join an elite group of public high schools nationwide. According to the Washington Post, schools on the list represent only 9% of schools across the country.

The Washington Post ranks schools according to the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests given at a school each year and divides by the number of seniors who graduated in May or June to create a challenge ratio.

Public schools that achieved a ratio of at least 1.000, meaning they had as many tests in 2011 as they had graduates, are noted on the national list.

Superintendent Mike Meissen said, “We are proud of the level of excellence our students demonstrate, the rigorous expectations of our faculty and the support from parents and community for high academic standards. The recognition validates the efforts of many. We recognize the significance of all four Glenbard schools commended by this national ranking. The schools in Glenbard have a common curriculum, which ensures equity.”

Glenbard is committed to giving all students access to a college-ready, job-ready curriculum that meets rigorous expectations, prepares students for post-secondary options, and ensures that students are able to be successful and complete post-secondary schooling once they begin.

Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services Hector Garcia said, “The recognition from the Washington Post is a testament to our schools' focus on increasing the rigor for all students, having outstanding parents and students, and most importantly efficacious staff members. We are very proud of what has taken place in Glenbard and are confident that local, state, and national organizations will continue to recognize the outstanding academic achievements of our students, as well as the collective efforts of the staff.”

Glenbard principals expressed their appreciation to students, staff and parents.

Glenbard East Principal Josh Chambers said, “This award is a testament to the hard work of staff and students. Glenbard East will continue to make sure that our students graduate college- and career-ready.”

Glenbard North Principal John Mensik said, “We appreciate being recognized by the Washington Post as one of the top schools in the nation. Our staff and students work extremely hard on a daily basis to achieve academic success and I feel blessed to work in such a supportive community. We continue to raise the bar, and our students continue to exceed our expectations.”

Glenbard South Principal Terri Hanrahan said, "We are pleased to be honored by the Washington Post. Enrolling students in AP courses is but one of the ways we measure our success. The most important indicator of our success is the experience South students have each and every day. We are proud of the work that our students and staff do to make South an excellent school. We are lucky to have the support of our parents and the larger community. All of these things contribute to South's success."

Glenbard West Principal Jane Thorsen said, "Our focus over the last four years at West has been to encourage all students to challenge themselves with more rigor. Not just AP students, but everyone. Glenbard very wisely made the decision to eliminate our basic track and offer only college-bound and AP level courses. Our students are now reaping the benefits of this decision as they are receiving acceptance letters from the most prestigious schools in the nation. While I knew our numbers were better this year (47% taking an AP class before graduation), next year looks even more impressive at 63%. Kudos to our students and teachers for embracing the challenge."

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