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It's A Wrap

wrap guitar

Title- Make A Man, Give Him A Guitar.

Time it took to make this- 15 hours

How?- First you need a very large amount of clear packing tape. This entire sculpture took 20+ rolls. You take the tape and wrap it around whatever you are trying to make the shape of sticky side facing out first. You do a few layers of this and then a few more layers of sticky side facing in. This way none of the surfaces inside or out are sticky. You do this for every body part and then assemble them together. For odd shapes like the guitar you can’t exactly rap tape around cleanly- this presents whole other difficulties in the process.

Why? – I had myself and a broken guitar that I didn’t mind accidentally scratching a bit. I’ve never been able to play guitar myself. I thought it would be very cool if a sculpture of myself could play. He’s a stationary sculpture so you don’t know how skilled he is, what song he’s playing, etc. It’s all left to the imagination.

Do you plan on doing any more tape sculptures?- I really enjoy the relative ease of making human figures in tape. Art classes especially in the higher level are fast paced and I don’t have months to spend on a project like this. With tape I can put a body together in a week or two. I’m currently working on another tape sculpture that I hope to display next year. This one will be standing upright and contain some technology to show an idea I came up with a few weeks ago that melds my 3D art and my interest in video/film. It’s going to have its challenges but hopefully I’ll be able to display it by the beginning of next year.

~ Sam Reese ~ Glen Ellyn 2013

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ABOUT ST. FRANCIS: St. Francis High School is a college-preparatory, co-educational Catholic high school located in Wheaton, IL. 100% of the 2011 class were accepted to college and offered $18 million in college scholarships.

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