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Glen Ellyn Takes Pride in Urban Forest

Glen Ellyn, IL – The Village of Glen Ellyn takes pride in its urban forest and has been named a Tree City USA for over 26 consecutive years. The onset of Emerald Ash Borer in the Midwest has created a widespread shift in municipal ash tree management in the Chicago area.

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a small, green insect that has killed millions of ash trees in the United States. EAB was confirmed in Glen Ellyn in March of 2009. Even before the insect was found in Glen Ellyn, the Village was working to protect its public parkway ash trees from the threat of EAB.

To slow the spread of EAB, 346 ash trees in poor to fair condition were removed between December 2008 and the end of 2010. An additional 137 trees infested with EAB were removed in 2011. Trees in poor condition are more susceptible to infestation and removal reduces the potential number of insects that can infest healthy trees. In 2009 the Village began a treatment program to treat 600 trees in excellent condition. Legacy tree grants through Valent Professional Products and the Morton Arboretum funded treatment of 400 ash trees and Glen Ellyn funded the treatment of 200 ash trees. This treatment program currently continues and an additional 150 ash trees will be added to the treatment list in 2012.

Early in 2011, letters were sent to all residents who had parkway ash trees adjacent to their homes that were either not being treated or scheduled to be removed. Pricing and contact information for contractors who agreed to treat both parkway and private property ash trees at a reduced cost were provided. In the summer of 2011, as part of an ash tree education program, all parkway ash trees were tagged with information about EAB. Residents were urged to identify ash trees on their property and treat them for EAB or risk losing them to infestation. Signs of an EAB infestation include sprouting, tip dieback, D-shaped exit holes in bark and heavy woodpecker damage on ash trees. If you think you may have an infected ash tree on your private property, contact an arborist immediately to have the tree inspected. For more information on the Emerald Ash Borer, please visit the Illinois Department of Agriculture’s EAB website at

Recently, the Village again surveyed the entire public ash population of 1,279 trees. Of this number, 376 are infested with EAB; 255 ash trees are scheduled for removal within the next few weeks. An additional 121 will be removed by mid-summer 2012.

The Village funds parkway tree replacement at 200 trees per year – 100 planted each in the spring and fall. Trees are replaced in the order in which they have been removed. Glen Ellyn has approximately 475 open parkway spaces for trees. With the removal of the additional ash trees, it will take about five years to reforest Glen Ellyn’s parkways. Property owners may view the current parkway tree replacement schedule, in order, at and documents Available Space List and Removal/Replacement List. If property owners or donors would like to replace parkway trees sooner, private funding and planting options are available which move that tree replacement to the top of the list. Please see and document Resident Share Cost Parkway Tree planting Program Applications for information about this quick-replacement program.

For further questions about Glen Ellyn’s urban forest, please read Gems of Glen Ellyn Tree Guide at Further information about Glen Ellyn’s Forestry Division can be found at

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