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Benny the Bull visits St. Matthew Parish School

Benny the Bull with sport team

Benny the Bull with sport team

Benny the Bull visited St. Matthew Parish School, in Glendale Heights.
Benny the Bull came to St. Matthew and saluted our Athletic teams and as well as our Pep Squad. The students had a dress down day; they were allowed to wear either Bulls or black/red shirts. Benny took photos with the different sports teams and had the students play several games. First game was a backward shot. Thomas E. against and Benny the Bull. Thomas E. tried very hard but could not make the backward shot but Benny the Bull made it. Second game the principal Mr. Eggebrecht, Mrs. Conrad a fifth grade teacher (one of the greatest Bulls fan), and two students Kira S. and Matthew B. played spin and win, and the winner of the game was Mr. Eggebrecht. Then it was time for the Dance Contest there were two first graders Frank G. and Makayla F. and Mrs. Tousana a third grade teacher they showed their best dance moves and the winner was Makayla F. All of the students, staff, and faculty had a great time. A big thank you goes out to our Athletic Director Mr. Guerra for inviting Benny the Bull to the school.

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