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Village of Glen Ellyn Continues to Harm Relationship with College of DuPage

Jan. 16, 2011 – The Village of Glen Ellyn is refusing to rescind multiple citations for landscaping improvements on the College of DuPage campus, despite a ruling by DuPage Circuit Court Judge Terence M. Sheen that the Village was “jumping the gun” by attempting to apply its ordinances to the College.
The College and Village have been in an ongoing legal dispute regarding the degree to which the College must adhere to local ordinances. The College is currently pursuing de-annexation from the Village.

Judge Sheen had previously chastised the Village for attempting to fine the College without first bringing the ordinances to him for approval. “Until I go through each ordinance and approve it as applying, it doesn’t apply,” Judge Sheen informed Village attorneys on Dec. 6, 2011.

One day after Judge Sheen’s ruling, Village Attorney Stewart Diamond informed the College that the Village did not intend to rescind its citations.

“The Village’s obstinate refusal to dismiss the Ordinance Citations absolutely flies in the face of Judge Sheen’s ruling and is an incredible waste of tax dollars,” COD President Robert L. Breuder said. “Given that our Board has voted to de-annex, Village leadership’s only motives can be financial greed and the desire to punish.”

The College has filed for a combined motion to consolidate the Village’s citations with the current legal case concerning adherence to local ordinances. The parties are scheduled to reconvene in court on Jan. 24.

For more information, please call Associate Vice President Joe Moore at (630) 991-6557.

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