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Autobahn Rehearsals Find New Friends.

Village Theatre Guild is well in to the rehearsal process. Studies on the script offer an opportunity for actors to display a unique form known as the monologue. The play has some scenes that include only 2 people. So the timing and reactions are balanced with responses from the other actor.
The rehearsal process brings new friends. After the play is finished these friends share many long lasting memories.

by: Neil LaBute
will run from October 21 through November 12, 2011

directed by Bill Burghardt
produced by Barb Burghardt and Maggie Fredricks autobahn is 7 vignettes -- a short-play cycle -- set in the front seat of a car. Weird, funny, disturbing, and unique, the author displays a flair for the essence of Middle America and the myriad paths that cross its surface.

Lisa Dolnics - Bench Seat, All Apologies
Greg Dvorak - Bench Seat, Autobahn
Nora Laidman - Funny, Road Trip
Paul Mapes - All Apologies
Tracey Powers - Funny, Autobahn
Robert Richardson - Long Division
Vince Scalone - Merge, Long Division
Candace Snapp - Funny, Merge
Jason Taylor - Road Trip

Tickets are now available and can be ordered over the phone at 630-469-8230
Visit us on Facebook or to learn more.

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