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Saturday night is prime time for Lyrids meteoroid watching

Saturday night promises to be cold, a little damp and dark — a great night to be outdoors, if you’re a stargazer.

The hours from midnight until dawn Sunday will be prime time to observe the Lyrids, Earth’s annual April shower of meteoroids from the tail of Comet Thatcher.

Most years, the Lyrids arrival rates solidly on the B-list of dates on the celestial calendar, but this spring Earth will sweep through the cloud of space dust during a new moon — meaning extra-dark skies will throw the shooting stars into sharper relief, said Mark Hammergren, an astronomer at Adler Planetarium.

“Conditions are particularly nice for the Lyrids this year, so as long as people are away from city lights. They should be a good show if people are patient,” Hammergren said.


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