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Dreamscape in Blue Exhibit Opens in Loop

Ziggy Dream (c) Peter M. Steeves, 2012

Ziggy Dream (c) Peter M. Steeves, 2012

– Dreamscape in Blue —
Blue is the Color of my Lucid Dreams,
The Blue that creates the Dark,
The Blue that creates the ever Expanding Sky,
The Clearest Blue that is the Calm,
That can only come from inside your Soul.

This is the theme that resonates into the latest Pop-Up Art Loop™ exhibition by The Chicago Loop Alliance and Terrapin House Studio. The show features the paintings of Peter M. Steeves, a “multi-state artist” who lives in Valparaiso, IN, works in Naperville, IL and is a Board Member of the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild in Elmhurst, IL. "Dreamscape in Blue" is located in a storefront in the Block 37 building at 29 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL 60601. Running from May 15 – July 15, 2012, accessible 24/7, the exhibition will be included in the June 7th and July 5th "First Thursday" gallery walks from 5-8pm, hosted by the Loop Alliance.

Steeves’ work brings out the imagery of our forgotten dreams. "When we dream, there are no good or bad dreams; there is only the plane upon which your imagination is allowed to run free. You see images that you recognize when awake in different ways, expressing deeper meanings in slumber. When you awake you wish you could see, hear, or feel what you just experienced but are left with barely a fragment," Steeves explained.

The artist's goal is to permit viewers to explore their own sub-conscience as they are torn back to reality from a dream. It is no surprise that eyes should feature prominently in this exhibit. Ziggy Dream features the shadow of a woman free-falling, in triplet form, in the background, her eyes alert and pensive in the foreground, while in the middle ground her profile eye evinces a sorrowful somnolence.

Pop-Up Art Loop™, an initiative of Chicago Loop Alliance and its manager, Tristan Hummel, creates partnerships between artists and property owners, transforming empty Loop storefronts into vibrant cultural sites open to the public. The exhibition is hosted by Block 37. Taking its name from one of the original 58 Chicago city blocks established in 1830, Block 37 today provides an eclectic mix of shopping, dining and entertainment within a five-story atrium.

Steeves work can be found on exhibit throughout the Chicagoland area and online at

Chaz M. Steeves contributed to this article.

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