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Elmhurst retiree spent 11,000 hours as volunteer at historical museum

Ted Kross

Ted Kross

A lifelong resident of Elmhurst, Theodore H. Kross applied his vast knowledge of his community to his work at the Elmhurst Historical Museum, where he was a volunteer for the past 30 years.

“People would walk in and ask a question and Ted would know right off the top of his head something about their family,” said Lance Tawzer, curator of exhibits at the museum. “He’d educate people on things about their families that even they didn’t know. And they’d be blown away.”

Mr. Kross, a retired attorney for Chicago Title and Trust, viewed his work for the museum as both a joy and responsibility, putting in a full day each week, even after turning 95 earlier this year.

“He was still coming in until the middle of the summer,” Tawzer said. “He’d be one of the first to arrive in the morning, take a few minutes for coffee, but wouldn’t break for lunch. Then he’d work straight through until late afternoon.”

The museum, 120 E. Park Ave., will host a memorial service at 3 p.m. Saturday for Mr. Kross, who died Sunday, Aug. 21, apparently of a heart attack.


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