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Bolivian foreign exchange student visits El Sierra

ES Bolivia

Fifth-grade students at El Sierra School recently got to learn all about Bolivia from an expert: a foreign exchange student who is living in Downers Grove and attending South High School this year.

Nanda Martinez-Buais, who has been living with the Lueken family, talked about the city where she lives, what people do for fun, and the school she attends at home.

All twelve grades are housed in one building, and the students only attend classes for half a day–the first- through sixth-graders in the morning and the seventh- through twelfth-graders in the afternoon. They have summers off, which in Bolivia means December, January and February.

Martinez-Buais said she has always wanted to visit the United States, and her mother wanted her to learn English so additional opportunities would open up for her. She said she has truly enjoyed her stay in Downers Grove, and she will miss her new friends and host family when she heads home.

Students had many questions for her, such as whether there are any fast-food restaurants in Bolivia and what classes she took at Downers Grove South.

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