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Three Generations Celebrate Kindergarten Graduation at St. Joe

St. Joseph School celebrated the graduation of 37 kindergarten students on Wednesday, May 30th. A pleased crowd enjoyed kindergartners performing several songs they had learned in their classroom. Blended in was the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer to create a complete celebratory ceremony.

Many out-of-town relatives enjoyed extended stays with family, allowing time to share in the end-of-year ‘Very Important Person’ (VIP) Day and graduation ceremonies. One such relative was Thomas Edward White, Sr. (aka Pop) of Savannah, Georgia. He couldn’t miss celebrating with his grandson and namesake, Thomas Edward White III.

Back in the 1930s, there was no Catholic school kindergarten. So Pop began his education in first grade in 1935, attending Sacred Heart Catholic School in Savannah. Pop's son Thomas Edward White, Jr. (Tom Jr.) started kindergarten in the fall of 1966 when he was 5 years old and graduated in May 1967. He attended Savannah’s St. James Catholic School along with many of his cousins.

Receiving his official kindergarten graduation diploma, young Tommy took sight of this certificate featuring his formal name, Thomas White. This brought up conversation of his name and where it originated. “He was grasping the whole thing, having been called by his nickname all his life,” said mom, Colleen. Tommy has known and likes being named after his Pop, but the certificate created an actuality for him. “It’s a southern tradition, said Colleen, who added that her then new in-laws were very impressed when she remembered everyone’s name. “This tradition makes it really easy to remember!”

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