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St. Joseph VIP Day 2012 – Dance, Dance, Dance!

Written by St. Joseph fourth grade journalists, Martynas Barsketis, Brenna Cohoon, Anne Harbauer, Grace Jaworski, Abby Ryniec and Claire Venard

Each year at the end of May, St. Joseph School puts on a show that can make their ‘very important people’ laugh, cry and have a great time. Their 15th annual VIP Day, themed, “Dance, Dance, Dance,” was held in the school hall on Friday, May 25th. As in every VIP event, every student in the school participated by singing and dancing.

Music teacher, Mary Schmitt has created all of the VIP shows at St. Joseph. She works very hard to make it happen. “We never would have gotten there without our wonderful music teacher, Mrs. Schmitt. She helped us so generously,” said fourth grader, Claire Venard, adding, “It is almost unbelievable! She put the whole show together.” Venard and her fourth grade classmates have been involved in five VIP events so far. “I love the VIP show because everyone is so happy and joyful. The VIP Show is almost like a wave of love. I doubt anyone is sad or angry on the day of the big concert,” she said.

“The things I like best about VIP are the solos,” said Grace Jaworski. “They sound so beautiful when the older kids are brave enough to sing in front of an entire audience and sing a song by themselves.”

Ginny Clark, St. Joseph’s art teacher, collaborates with Mrs. Schmitt on the artwork for the VIP Day theme. The halls are decorated, as well as the stairs heading down to the school hall. All of the colorful artwork is created by the students.
Venard and her classmates created wall art for the second grade song, Dance with your Hands. “We made Zentangles in the tracings of our hands. We also made disco balls out of crushed CD’s,” she said. “The VIP show will always be my favorite concert, even when I graduate!”

Fourth grader, Anne Harbauer believes VIP Day shows the world what you can do. “If you have a singing solo, you can show people how good of a singer you are. Or if you are in a dance solo in the middle of a song, you can show people that dancing is your life and that you can do it well,” she said.

Students love that VIP lets them have a great time with their friends. “Students can dance and sing their hearts out. And, if you mess up, who cares? No matter what, they know that they can definitely make it the best show ever,” Harbauer added.

VIP is very entertaining and inspiring to all kids. It helps them realize that they can express their feelings through music. VIP is very fun for the people in it, too. They get to sing, dance and wear very cool outfits.

“VIP is a wonderful performance and everyone has fun with it, especially me,” said fourth grader, Brenna Cohoon. “If you were to ask students from St. Joseph School what they think about VIP, I guarantee you that they would say that they have a lot of fun with it every year.”

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