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St. Joseph School Honors Blessed Virgin in May Crowning

St. Joseph School in Downers Grove held its annual May Crowning ceremony honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The annual May Crowning is a tradition within the Catholic Church, which has dedicated the month of May to Mary, mother of Jesus. The tradition holds that early in May, a statue of the Virgin at a parish or school is crowned with a wreath of roses, and the same are placed at her feet.

St. Joseph School's May Crowning on May 9, 2012, included a church procession involving second graders dressed in their First Communion gowns and suits, and eighth graders who help lead the prayer service and crown the statue of Mary and Jesus.

The May Crowning court included eighth graders, Megan Geraghty, Sophia Chaulk, Aimee Dragas, Kelly Flavin, Sarah Hodshire, Jessica Novotny, and Jill Wagner.

The flowered crowns of ivory and blue were carried by second graders Therese Bastuga and Jane Eschenbach.

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