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Investing in pet insurance could offset some healthcare costs for your cat.
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Ask The Vets: Should I get pet insurance for my cat?

Veterinary medicine in many cases is on par with human medicine. This means cats are living longer, happier and healthier lives. The recent improvements in … Read more ›

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Health Department Offers Low-Cost Pet Vaccination Clinics in June

The Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center’s Animal Care and Control Program is offering two low-cost pet vaccination clinics in June with one clinic focused … Read more ›

If your cat is overweight, work with your veterinarian to help your kitty safely lose weight.
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Ask the Vets – Is my cat too fat?

Obesity isn’t just a concern for people; it has become the top nutritional concern for cats across the U.S. as well. A survey of veterinarians … Read more ›

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Aldens Doggy Day Camp offers fun and learning for area pets

As summer approaches it’s time to start thinking about sending the little ones to day camp where they’ll have fun while you can get some … Read more ›

On Earth Day and every day Max A Pooch shows America how to reduce its waste line.
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In honor of Earth Day Canine Superhero to the Environment says, “Reduce your waste line!”

Max A Pooch was dubbed Canine Superhero to the Environment by Tails Magazine because he reminds Americans that reducing litter and the nation's waste line … Read more ›

Max A Pooch is a living reminder of the millions of dogs who like the bottle he holds in his mouth was carelessly discarded by humans.
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Put dogs in homes not gas chambers is first plank of Max A Pooch's Hero Dog Awards campaign.

The second plank for his campaign for the "Emerging Hero Dogs" category of the 2012 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards is to "Reduce America's … Read more ›

Max A Pooch says "Picking up litter is good for your waste line!"
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Pick up litter Deerfield, it's good for your waste line!

Posted by Keith SandersonApril 2, 2012 EmailPrint Max A Pooch says, " Pick up litter Deerfield it's good for your waste line! Then vote for … Read more ›

Max A Pooch attempts to put a can he found in a trash barrel in a local park.
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Voting for Deerfield canine dog hero begins!

Millions of cats and dogs are discarded annually by their owners as if they were of no more consequence than an empty can or bottle. … Read more ›

Max A Pooch knows a sure sign of spring is increased litter left by litterbugus copius in Deerfield parks and public areas. He is shown here depositing a water bottle he found in a nearby playground.See video of Max A Pooch in action at .
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Max A Pooch's Spring Guide to Litterbugus Copius ( plentiful litterbugs) and all its variations.

Max A Pooch's job consists of picking up after litterbugus copius. This insidious creature is found in numerous variations making it hard to identify and … Read more ›

It's Hard Living Outside
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Spay and Stay Works to End Feline Homelessness