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Chihuahua & Owner Out-Fox Coyote

Coyote's are funny. Independent, cunning, hungry, & REAL fast. Although not agressive, they make it their life's work to look for food. In Darien, there have been AT LEAST three confirmed cases of Coyote hunger being satisfied, at the expense of small dogs lives.

Our family aquired a long hair Chichuaha eight years ago. Her name is Sable, and is our best "non human" friend". We're also lucky enough to have an in-ground backyard pool. Because of the pool, potential liability, etc. the backyard is secured by a 6 ft. wooden privacy fence.

On August 9th, 2011 @ about 3:00PM, we were both in the yard, & met "Mr. Coyote". Ever had one of those moments when you're blood pressure goes from 120/80 to God knows how high, you're heart beats fastet than Niel Armstrong's when He landed on the Moon, & you have to figure out what to do REAL QUICK? Everyone has.

First thought: "how did this guy get in here? had to have climbed the fence" Second was "get Sable out of harm's way", Third: "neturalize the threat". At that point, Sable was growling, and "Mr. Coyote" was licking his chops looking for an early dinner & drooling. I yelled at the Coyote, waved my arms like I was flagging down a Cop, scooped up Sable & got her in the house. Waited about 10 minuites, went back outside, and our visitor was still thers. Thought, "What would McGyver do?". Opened the gate, grabbed a can of Wasp spray which was already outside, & approached. This guy wasn't going anywhere, so he got a little spray in the eyes, and bolted out the gate. Called City Hall & relayed the story. Whoooo!

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