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First Electric Car Delivered!

Mitsubishi i Joins Chicago Ride-Share Company Fleet

A gathering of about 50 people on Wednesday, February 22nd at Max Madsen Mitsubishi in suburban Chicago (Downers Grove, Illinois) celebrated the "delivery" of two Mitsubishi i EVs (Electric Vehicle) to I-GO, a ride sharing service operating in the Chicago metropolitan area. I-GO Director of Business Development Richard Kosmacher said the groups' members have requested inclusion of some all-electric vehicles in the company's fleet and I-GO selected the Mitsubishi i and Max Madsen Mitsubishi for their first EVs.

I-GO’s has a unique vision of the future of urban transportation: an integrated, multi-modal network of sustainable transportation that reduces car ownership, urban congestion and greenhouse gases while creating an affordable, convenient, all-in-one option for commuters. Members have access to a wide range of vehicle garaged at multiple locations around the area.

Thanks to Mitsubishi and Augie Schlaffer for the photo

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