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Join in an International Event to Prevent Drowning: Swim for FREE in the World's Largest Swimming Lesson


To raise awareness about the need for swimming lessons, children and adults around the world will be uniting in the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson on Thursday, June 14th. You can join, too, and you don’t even have to catch a bus, train, or flight to get there. At 3PM GMT (10AM Central), swim schools around the world will serve as host locations. In Crystal Lake, Dolphin Swim Club (825 Munshaw Lane) will open its doors to all who want to participate.
With drowning as the second leading cause of unintentional, injury-related death for children (ages 1-14 years), swimming lessons are a necessity. Dance lessons, baseball, and karate, etc., are great for exercise, social, cognitive, and physical development, but it is unlikely that your child will ever find himself in a situation where he needs to use those skills to save his life. Swimming teaches all of the above, and from preschool to adulthood your child will be in hectic, loud, and crowded pools where knowing fundamental water safety skills are crucial.
This is the message of the organizations supporting this not-for-profit event.
Swimming is complex, and takes years to fully learn. But no matter how long it takes for your child, it is worth it. Start as young as possible; find a school that values safety above all else; and commit to staying enrolled until those basic skills are learned. While your child will learn a lot, remember that no child is ever safe. But with constant supervision, the proper environment, and great swimming lessons, your child can be safer.
How does the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson work? Every host location will teach the same safety-based swimming lesson at the same time. It is an educational event geared toward making parents aware of the risks and introducing basic swimming and safety skills to children. Join the Dolphin Swim Club of Crystal Lake’s WLSL by calling #847-854-1300 to register you and your child (4 months-4 years old) for this free event. If your child is four or older, Dolphin Swim Club offers a free safety clinic every month and year-round swimming lessons for all ages. Call today to be part of this international cause!

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