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Mrs. Monat's Prospect School Third Grade Class "Best Mom" Persuasive Essayss

By Michael McCormick

Do you think your mom is the best mom? Mine is!
My mom should win the mother of the year award. My mom should win this award because she makes my life great, and she cares for me.

My mom should win this award because she plays with me. My mom plays basketball with me. My mom and I play Pig. My mom also is a fabulous cook. She makes ribs with her special sauce. She could make store bought sauce but she doesn’t. She takes time and buys special ingredients and makes her own. My mom also makes butter noodles with a lot of cheese the way I like it. My mom is fantastic!

Next, my mom cares for me. My mom drives me to events. She drives me to baseball and hockey. She spends about two hours every week to drive me to hockey. After she’s worked all day, my mom even stays there while I practice. That’s a long time. Besides driving me all over for hockey, my mom is always cheering me on at my baseball and hockey games. It feels great to know that my mom is in the stands cheering for me.

My mom is awesome. My mom makes my life great, and cares for me and my family. My mom is the best mom in the world! The next time you see her, say “Way to go Mohini!”

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