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BG's Accounting Team competed at Harper Area Accounting Contest in April.

Buffalo Grove High School's Accounting I and II teams took 3rd and 2nd place respectively among Mid-Suburban League schools in the 26th annual Harper Area Accounting Contest, held at Harper College in April.

Open to all high schools in the Harper attendance area, the Harper Accounting Contest for level I is a 75-question test; for level II, there are 100 questions. Ranking in the contest is based on the number of questions answered correctly. The total of the highest five students' scores per level and school determines the winners in the contest.

Buffalo Grove's teams, coached by Accounting teacher and Head Swimming coach Tom Mroz, consists of seniors Stefani Arapidis, James Barton, Sara Fasching, Lidia Fitasova, Anthony Jambrone, Spencer Kaden, Kelly Kowal, Nataliya Mikhyeyeva, Jake Monson, William Patino (3rd place overall on Level II), Katherine Shanahan (2nd place overall on Level II), David Timm and Richard Zirngibl. Junior team members are Michael Dubinsky, Daniel Melnikov and Andrew White.

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