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Judge dismisses slander lawsuit against village

(Michelle Manchir/Tribune)

(Michelle Manchir/Tribune)

A lawsuit alleging slander against the Village of Bolingbrook was recently dismissed in a federal district court.

In a lawsuit first filed  in March, former Bolingbrook mayoral candidate Bonnie Kurowski-Alicea alleged the village intentionally caused her emotional distress after a village board meeting in which  comments from village officials insinuated she caused the death of a former Valley View School Board Member.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel dismissed the complaint on Sept. 15 citing federal and state statutes that protect a public entity from liability for slander or libel.

A Chicago-based attorney representing Kurowski-Alicea, Anthony Sciara, said he will not appeal the decision “even though (Bonnie) of course would’ve wished it came out differently.”

Mayor Roger Claar said this week, “this suit was so frivolous from the start that it didn’t even merit going to trial,” adding the village will incur more than $27,000 in legal fees from defending itself in federal court.

In an e-mail, Kurowski-Alicea said tort law seems to protect public officials at all costs.

“Even though what they said caused people to try to harm me and my family, it is all under tort law,” she said.

Kurowski-Alicea ran against Claar in the 2009 mayoral race.

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