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Volo's Digital Schools Enters into Resellers Agreement with SonaSoft

Digital Schools, Volo, Illinois and Salinas, California, the leading provider of integrated human resources, financial and payroll software for the K-12 sector, has entered into a resellers agreement with Sonasoft, San Jose, California. Sonasoft’s generation of software products, established in the private sector, are being introduced to the K-12 market. Sonasoft’s product, SonaVault, provides school districts with an extremely detailed and cost effective email management application to archive, search, and retrieve emails to achieve regulatory email compliance and operational excellence.
“Like all Digital Schools products, Sonasoft’s software applications meet our mission to provide integration, accountability and save Districts money. Our focus is to help our clients with the best practices software as a Service application in the market. SonaVault is a best practices software,” said Sarah Beyne, CEO, Digital Schools.

The company’s SonaVault product is designed for Email Archiving. It uses built-in Microsoft SQL Server technology to encrypt and archive all emails sent or received through an Exchange Server. It has been designed to facilitate secure email archiving and retrieval for storage email management. The Email Archiving software provides a roles-based web interface for controlled access. This allows every operation to be fully audited to monitor the usage of the system. Extensive reporting capabilities provide email compliance, storage, data leakage, and auditing information.

“Sonasoft delivers a new generation of email archiving solutions with SonaVault, a stand-alone, software based, powerful and comprehensive email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It enables school district administrators and IT staff to perform compliance archiving, as well as search and retrieve emails to achieve regulatory email compliance and operational excellence. SonaVault provides seamless access to messages using standard policies, enabling administrators, auditors and end-users quick retrieval of any email stored in archive with flexible export options,” said Sonasoft’s Neil Kumar.
Information about SonaSoft can be obtained by visiting
“Customers can add functionality without having to go through an extensive installation process. More importantly, they do not have to integrate applications from separate vendors and hope that their applications work together. By combining the various components of the individual applications, the customer gains a tremendous advantage by leveraging the architecture of the Sonasoft solution to receive enterprise functionality and scalability at a fraction of the cost,” added Bilal Ahmed, CTO of Sonasoft.

For more information contact Digital Schools at (312)377-6654 or online at or

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