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No escaping Groupon’s grip

Vitamin C won’t help, and no vaccination is strong enough to fend off this sickness. No matter how healthy or rational one might be, there’s no escaping Grouponitis.

Grouponitis can simply be described as the addiction to purchasing daily group coupons — no matter how superfluous the deal. It’s sweeping up consumers in Chicago and nationwide.

And Chicago-based Groupon isn’t the only company offering these intoxicating deals. Brands like YouSwoop, LivingSocial, Dealfind and others also are marketing group coupons, filling my e-mail inbox with daily temptations. Even big-name brands Google and Yelp are jumping on the daily-offer bandwagon.

Sure, Groupon has had its share of problems lately, with a poorly executed Super Bowl ad campaign and complaints that it sold coupons for overpriced flowers from FTD.


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