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Fun for All: Flying Disc (Frisbee) Games

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We all know how to toss a flying disc (aka “Frisbee”) back and forth, but why not step it up a notch and engage in some competitive play for even more family fun?

In my last post I shared some flying disc games I found at; in this post I’m going to talk about games that are on

Most of the following games can be played individually or you can make them a contest between any number of people:

•Bullseye Accuracy: contestant(s) throw 5 discs at a target that consists of concentric circles with a bullseye (such as a basket) that is large enough to capture a disc. You can design a scoring system that provides more points as you get closer to the bullseye, or just award points for hitting the bullseye.

•Mobile Accuracy: first/only contestant throws a disc; following contestants (or only contestant) tries to hit the first disc. The thrower with the disc closest to the target gets a point; two points are awarded if a disc is touching the target. If there is a tie, no points are awarded. The next player in the order then throws the disc that becomes the target. Play continues until someone reaches 11 points.

•Twobee: using two discs at once (one smaller than the other), the catcher receives 2 points for catching both discs and no points otherwise (or use your own scoring system).

•Bowlbee: using a target that can be knocked down, player(s) take turns trying to topple it.

•Backoff: two players start the game standing a short distance apart. The disc is thrown back and forth; each time a catch is made, both players take a step back. The first catcher to move their pivot foot loses.

•The Circle R Game: get a target (such as a bucket or a box). The first player attempts to throw the disc in the target. If the target is hit, the next player has to make the same shot. This continues until someone misses the shot, earning that player the letter “D.” The player following a miss is free to try to make a new shot. Players are eliminated when they spell out “D-I-S-C.”

Team events include:

•Marathon: form two teams with one disc per team; players stand in two lines with teammates across from each other about 15 feet apart. Start with all discs on one side of the line. A judge tells the teams when to throw the disc (at about 10-second intervals). When a disc is dropped, that team is out.

•Marathon Speedflow: a variation of Marathon where the teams try to exchange the disc 30 times as fast as possible. “All pairs begin simultaneously and shout out the number of their throw. They may drop the disc but…if a throw is short, it must be picked up by the receiver and taken behind the line before rethrow…The game can also be played to see how many points can be accumulated in one minute…”

OK, so now you’ve got lots of ideas about how to have fun using a flying disc. If you try some of these ideas, take a picture or a video and send it to us se we can showcase it on the Warrenville Park District Web site or Facebook page (remember to “like” The Warrenville Park District on Facebook – and remember to search using the word “The”).

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