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Mary Applegate carefully molds scored pieces of clay until they start to take shape into a holder for writing utensils.

The octogenarian Palatine artist called this particular project a simple one, compared to the more complicated pieces she’s created during the past six decades or so. Her work – mostly pottery – includes garden sculptures, wall hangings and other items she often sells.

It’s not just a hobby for retirement, Applegate said. “This is my work.”

Applegate, who will only say she’s “almost 90,” was recently honored by her Harper College classmates with a public exhibit displaying her pottery, some pieces dating as far back to her days as an art and education student at the University of Iowa.

As she works, Applegate notes the age diversity in her ceramics class at Harper, but estimates she’s likely the oldest one there.

“I love being around different ages and different ethnicities,” she said, explaining that’s part of the reason she continues to take art classes nearly every day.

After teaching third- and fourth-graders in District 15 for about 26 years, Applegate continues to take art classes during her retirement from teaching.

“It keeps me sane,” she said. “Who wants to be home all day?”

She boards a Palatine Township bus in the morning, works with her clay for several hours, and returns on the bus in the afternoon.

Sam Rosby, associate professor of art, called Applegate an inspiration to other students in the class.

“She still completely cares that her work is the best, and it’s new, and she pushes herself,” he said. “What she does here shows art is something you do over a lifetime.”

Applegate is helpful during peer critiques, which is a big part of Harper’s ceramics class, Rosby said.

Christine Rueger, 19, of Rolling Meadows, said she’s learned a lot from Applegate.

“I’m just amazed at how…sharp she is, and she always has something to offer,” she said. “She just gets ideas from everything.”

Applegate said she’s often inspired, and never wants to do work similar to other artists. Sculpting is her favorite art form because of clay’s malleability, she said.

“You can make it into whatever you want,” she said.

While Applegate said she can’t pick a favorite piece, one she’s particularly proud of is a sculpture of a father carrying a child on his shoulders.

She said while images of mothers and “the Madonna” are popular, Applegate wanted to show an image of a father.

Another piece she noted came from an assignment from a Harper class to build something that represents home. Applegate explained how she created five houses, each depicting a trait she equates with home – her cats, books, birds, music and nature.

Those sculptures are among many that sit in Harper’s Art Exhibition Space. Several already have red dots indicating a sale.

The exhibit with Applegate’s work runs from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays through July 18 in Building C at the main campus, 1200 W. Algonquin Road, Palatine.

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Skilling: Pleasant end to the work week /arlington-heights/2012/06/22/skilling-pleasant-end-to-the-work-week/ /arlington-heights/2012/06/22/skilling-pleasant-end-to-the-work-week/#comments Fri, 22 Jun 2012 13:14:05 +0000 Kara Silva /barrington/?p=31890

The work week ends with sunshine and warmth but without the humidity that smothered the first half of the week.

Friday is to deliver 85-degree warmth for the 25th time this year in a month running a solid 5 degrees above normal — the ninth consecutive month to produce a temperature surplus here and the warmest June of the past quarter century.


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Winners and losers: Chicago-area casinos 20 years later /arlington-heights/2012/06/21/winners-and-losers-chicago-area-casinos-20-years-later/ /arlington-heights/2012/06/21/winners-and-losers-chicago-area-casinos-20-years-later/#comments Thu, 21 Jun 2012 11:52:42 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /des-plaines/?p=45493

The first suburban Chicago casino opened 20 years ago this month, bringing with it hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in taxes, but also stories of gambling addiction and hardship for some area residents.

Joliet’s Empress Casino, which was renamed Hollywood Casino Joliet in 2010, welcomed its first customers in June 1992. Over the next two years, casinos opened in Joliet, Aurora and Elgin. Rivers Casino in Des Plaines opened last July, and gambling expansion talks in Springfield could put new casinos in the north and south suburbs and downtown Chicago.

During the past two decades, the fissure between casino supporters and opponents has remained deep.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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Skilling: Warmest June in 25 years, but relief in sight /arlington-heights/2012/06/20/skilling-warmest-june-in-25-years-but-relief-in-sight/ /arlington-heights/2012/06/20/skilling-warmest-june-in-25-years-but-relief-in-sight/#comments Wed, 20 Jun 2012 13:48:39 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /arlington-heights/?p=49943 The Chicago area will swelter through a third straight day of 90s Wednesday, making June the warmest here in 25 years.

But relief is in sight. The highs will simmer down to the low 80s or even upper 70s Thursday, Friday and Saturday, then the middle 70s on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday’s high is expected to be around 94, and that means June will have eight 90s on the books when the summer solstice arrives this evening. The average temperature of 71.9 degrees so far this month is 5 degrees above the norm and the warmest June 1-20 period since 1987.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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Lifeguard on duty: Swim at your own risk /arlington-heights/2012/06/20/lifeguard-on-duty-swim-at-your-own-risk/ /arlington-heights/2012/06/20/lifeguard-on-duty-swim-at-your-own-risk/#comments Wed, 20 Jun 2012 12:04:01 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /arlington-heights/?p=49936

Lifeguards at Pioneer Park pool in Arlington Heights always have to be on alert — for swimmers in trouble, but also for the lifeguard certification agency that could show up at any time to videotape them on duty, conduct a simulated drowning or quiz them on proper rescue techniques.

Pool managers also perform unannounced drills. At one drill Tuesday, a pool manager tossed a baby mannequin into the deep end from outside the view of the lifeguard on duty. The guard calmly but quickly stood up, blew her whistle three times, jumped in and fished out the doll in a matter of seconds.

In response to drowning deaths, lawsuits, improved training and rescue techniques and the proliferation of risk managers, lifeguards at public pools and beaches in the Chicago area appear to receive more rigorous training than ever before.

Many area park districts rely on national certification agencies like the American Red Cross and Jeff Ellis & Associates that focus on constant vigilance to prevent drownings. The training regimens may require off-season instruction, weekly refreshers during the summer and the passage of surprise drills and inspections. Park district insurance companies also typically require audits and intense oversight of lifeguards.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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Arlington Heights board gives final approval for Arlington Downs project /arlington-heights/2012/06/20/arlington-heights-board-gives-final-approval-for-arlington-downs-project/ /arlington-heights/2012/06/20/arlington-heights-board-gives-final-approval-for-arlington-downs-project/#comments Wed, 20 Jun 2012 12:01:45 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /arlington-heights/?p=49934 One of the largest single developments in the history of Arlington Heights got the final green light from the Village Board, with the developer hoping the first phase will be open by next summer.

Arlington Downs, a $250 million mixed-used redevelopment of the 25-acre site at the northeast corner of Euclid Avenue and Rohlwing Road, received unanimous approval Monday on what is expected to be the final significant vote on the projects. Some amendments and votes are possible in the future. The project will be built in phases over the next five years, starting with the conversion of the former Sheraton Hotel into luxury apartments.

“We are pleased,” said Carl Groesbeck of the developer, Argent Group of Arlington Heights. “It’s a tough market, but we are finding good reception the village from and the staff.”

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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Skilling: We’re on a hot streak not seen since 1977 /arlington-heights/2012/06/19/skilling-were-on-a-hot-streak-not-seen-since-1977/ /arlington-heights/2012/06/19/skilling-were-on-a-hot-streak-not-seen-since-1977/#comments Tue, 19 Jun 2012 13:50:30 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /arlington-heights/?p=49902

A second uncomfortable day lies ahead, potentially hotter than Monday, with highs in the middle to upper 90s.

The reading would mark the 12th time this year that the Chicago area has been visited by a 90-plus temperatures. Only one other year — since official weather records began in 1871 — has logged more 90-degree or higher readings by June 19. The year was 1977 and there were 13 days in the 90s by this date.

The warm air covering the Midwest has discouraged the formation of clouds and rain. The brutally hot and often bone-dry summer of 1988 serves as a benchmark for hot summers in the Chicago area. That year produced more 90 and 100-degree temperatures than any other on the record books here — 47 and 7, respectively.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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Shedd Aquarium offers free admission week for Illinois residents /arlington-heights/2012/06/18/shedd-aquarium-offers-free-admission-week-for-illinois-residents/ /arlington-heights/2012/06/18/shedd-aquarium-offers-free-admission-week-for-illinois-residents/#comments Mon, 18 Jun 2012 19:12:29 +0000 Kara Silva /barrington/?p=31784

One of Chicago’s top tourist attractions is offering a free week for Illinois residents.

The Shedd Aquarium has free general admission through Friday (EDITOR’S NOTE — An earlier version of this story said the offer extended through Sunday).


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Arlington Heights’ Got Talent: Showcase Your Artistic Skills at Promenade of Art Arlington Heights /arlington-heights/community/stories/2012/06/arlington-heights%e2%80%99-got-talent-showcase-your-artistic-skills-at-promenade-of-art-arlington-heights/ /arlington-heights/community/stories/2012/06/arlington-heights%e2%80%99-got-talent-showcase-your-artistic-skills-at-promenade-of-art-arlington-heights/#comments Mon, 18 Jun 2012 09:08:19 +0000 Leslie Schreiber /algonquin/?post_type=community_post&p=95225

The Promenade of Art is synonymous with extraordinary artwork offered by incredibly talented artists from around the world. This year, Amdur Productions is offering guests of the festival an opportunity to show off their skills with “Arlington Heights’ Got Talent.” Aspiring artists and art enthusiasts are invited to participate in an on-site paint off at the Promenade of Art Arlington Heights Festival at noon on Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24.

“Each year we strive to make the festivals more interactive for the art enthusiasts who attend annually,” says Amy Amdur, founder of her namesake firm. “By launching ‘Arlington Heights’ Got Talent’ we are offering budding artists, art lovers and loyal festival-goers the opportunity to showcase their talent or perhaps discover a passion for creating artwork.”

Three artistic festival-goers will compete in an on-site paint off with a crowd of art lovers cheering them on! Each participant will have 15 minutes to create a masterpiece on canvas. The only thing participants need to bring is talent as art materials will be supplied by Amdur Productions. After the paint-off takes place each creation will be judged and one lucky artist will be named Arlington Heights’ Best!

Festival-goers interested in participating in “Arlington Heights’ Got Talent” at the festival on Saturday, June 23 or Sunday, June 24 can call the Amdur Productions office at 847-926-4300 or email

FREE and open to the public, the Promenade of Art Arlington Heights Festival offers the work of 140 juried artists from around the world in a variety of mediums, including ceramics, fiber, glass, jewelry, metal, photography, watercolors, and wood. Produced by Amdur Productions, in partnership with the Village of Arlington Heights, Promenade of Art Arlington Heights offers “art al fresco” all weekend long!

For more information about or Amdur Productions Inc., please call 847.926.4300 or email Visit us online at or find us on Facebook.

Founded in 1984 Amdur Productions, is a nationally acclaimed art festival production company that organizes and directs a selection the Midwest’s most prestigious and successful juried art festivals. Many of Amdur's festivals are rated in Sunshine Artist magazine's top 100 with several appearing in the top 50.

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Monday could be hottest day so far this year /arlington-heights/2012/06/18/monday-could-be-hottest-day-so-far-this-year/ /arlington-heights/2012/06/18/monday-could-be-hottest-day-so-far-this-year/#comments Mon, 18 Jun 2012 13:48:16 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /arlington-heights/?p=49873 Monday is shaping up to be one of the hottest days of the year so far — if not the hottest — with high humidity and winds from the south.

The Chicago Weather Center is predicting a high of 97, which would match the hottest day we’ve had this year, 97 degrees on May 27. The record high for this date is 98 set in 1954.

The high humidity could make it feel like 103 degrees in some places in the Chicago area.

High winds out of the south/southwest will contribute to the day’s high heat, and will be strong enough that the National Weather Service has issued a gale warning and a small craft advisory for Lake Michigan and a wind advisory for McHenry and Lake counties.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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