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NCH: New mobile app makes patient life easier

In an effort to cater to patients’ technology-based lives while promoting preventative health, Northwest Community Hospital recently released a mobile application for use on Apple devices.

As of last week, the MyNCH app became available on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and soon will be available on similar Android devices, said Chris Peisker, interactive marketing manager.

Using the app, new or existing patients can check wait times at the NCH adult and pediatric emergency rooms or other medical offices, schedule appointments, get directions or drive-times to NCH facilities and ask a doctor questions — among other uses — Peisker said. She added that while other hospitals have wait-time apps, NCH is one of the only healthcare groups in the Chicago area with an application with so many uses.

“It’s really developed with the user in mind,” she said. “We took a look at how users were consuming information and based on that…asked how can we serve up information from the healthcare perspective that’s going to be the most helpful to them.”

Another feature that will soon be added will allow patients to check lab results, Peisker said, as opposed to waiting from a call from a doctor.

The hospital is always trying to find ways to make healthcare “more accessible to our community,” President and CEO Bruce Crowther said in a statement.

“By leveraging mobile technology, we can help individuals who are on-the-go better manage their healthcare, both planned and unexpected, at their convenience in a format they are familiar using,” he said.

Because the application will simplify scheduling procedures and check-ups, hospital officials are hoping it encourages patients to make preventative health a priority, Peisker said.

“We’re hoping people will really use this as a tool to take care of themselves,” she said. “This app…will encourage people to make the appointments they think they don’t have time to make.”

To view a demonstration video of the application, or for other information visit The free app is available for download on the Apple devices.

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