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Community service
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Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of RAKA!

Thanks to those who have previously donated to Random Actsof Kindness Assistance. Your generosity has helped dozens of individuals and families within the health-crisis community. … Read more ›

Help these Puppies!!!
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Help needed for rescued puppies!

The Green Pup Shelter of Lake Zurich, was informed by Aid to Animals of Northern Illinois (a cat rescue) of “dogs running loose in Barrington … Read more ›

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This Father's Day Give Dad Some Extra Help

You can probably think of a number of times when you asked your dad for a little extra help. Now, with Father’s Day right around … Read more ›

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"Path to Happiness"

"Path to Happiness"Swami Mukundananda is a world-renowned teacher of Spirituality, Yoga, and Meditation. He received his degrees in Engineering and Management from two world famous … Read more ›

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Faster Disability Approval For People With ALS

May is National ALS Awareness Month. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), more commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that attacks … Read more ›

Womens self defense
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Women’s Self-Defense Course starting a week from Friday at AKF Spring Grove Flying Dragons

There are several very good reasons for women to take self defense classes, beginning with the ability to protect themselves in an emergency. The statistics … Read more ›

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Serving Wounded Warriors And The Survivors of Our Fallen Heroes

It’s an American tradition to pay tribute to the men and women of the Armed Forces each Memorial Day — especially honoring those who have … Read more ›

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Why Young Workers Should Care About Social Security

Summer will be here before we know it. That means millions of high school and college students will be searching for jobs. Whether a new … Read more ›

Christina Carlson, 11, Lotus School Spring Grove, IL. is pictured with her principal Matt Peters.
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Lotus School Student Reminds Us to Support Our Troops

May is “National Military Appreciation Month”! The Veterans Network Committee-Cary, IL. received a truck load of items for the troops, and it was all because … Read more ›

ELH Board members Barb Williams and Jeni Spinney with BFF and mascot Hubert, the BMO Harris Lion
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Erika's Lighthouse "Rock & Rally" Walkathon Blasts Stigma of Depression Once Again

Did you know…? • Children and adolescents who have depression frequently also have physical symptoms like headaches and stomach aches. • Symptoms and signs of … Read more ›