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Fresh Manna of the Day "Highlight" 6/21/12 by L. Brown Jr

6/21/12 Spiritually fitness doesn't come easy, it takes hard work and dedication. Nourishment and discipline comes from the Word of God. Lift your instruction book … Read more ›

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Fresh Manna of the Day "Highlight" 6/19/12 by L. Brown Jr

6/19/12 Surround yourself with motivated and active people. Individuals that are focused on taking care of their business don't have time to criticize, critic or … Read more ›

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Fresh Manna of the Day "Highlight" 6/18/12 by L. Brown Jr

6/18/12 God wants you to know that you can weather any storm. Don't let the sound of thunder scare you or the flash of lightening … Read more ›

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Fresh Manna of the Day "Highlight" 6/15/12 by L. Brown Jr

6/15/12 If you are liked by everybody you are doing something wrong. Focus on pleasing God and not man. While man may give you applause, … Read more ›

Nicholas Kristof Is Interviewed at Willow Creek May 5/6
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Nicholas Kristof To Be Interviewed at Willow Creek

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the New York Times and co-author of Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof is an expert in the field of the injustices … Read more ›

Willow Creek to raise money for shoes for children
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Willow Creek Sponsor's 5K Run/Walk

On April 21, Willow Creek Community Church, located in South Barrington, sponsors a family friendly 5K Run/Walk on the church’s campus. “In developing countries where … Read more ›

Creative Director Blaine Hogan Relates Easter Through Live Storytelling
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Willow Creek Expects 40,000 at Easter Services

Willow Creek Community Church anticipates more than 40,000 people will attend one of their six Easter services on April 7 and 8. Using state-of-the-art multi-media … Read more ›

L-R Members of the Westchester Community Church, Jill Rouse and Lou Bender at the Treasure Chest Foundation’s warehouse displaying  some of the donated toys.
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Westchester Community Church Benefits Children with Cancer

In the spirit of giving, the Parishioners of Westchester Community Church in Westchester are giving to children and teens fighting cancer. The church recently sponsored … Read more ›

Christmas at Willow Creek
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Willow Creek Expects 80,000 at Christmas Services

Most Christmas stories end with the birth of a baby in a manger. But what if His birth was just the beginning? What if Christmas … Read more ›

Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz Lights the Menorahas State Senator Ira Silverstein looks on. (Photography by Yakov)
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Many in the Hands of the Few

Many in the Hands of the Few-Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz You delivered the mighty into the hands of the weak, the many into the hands of … Read more ›